Some highlights since our last chat: The Jasmine Throne won the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel What Souls Are Made Of is one of Audiofile Magazine’s…

August 2022

The Oleander Sword, the sequel to The Jasmine Throne, is out today. I can’t wait for you all to read it! (And psst, here are some buy links - although I…

July 2022

So have some art
Today is the day: my YA remix of Wuthering Heights, What Souls Are Made Of, is out in the world. If you want a South Asian diaspora Gothic, where the…

December 2021

Hello all. It’s been a busy time of year for me. My YA historical What Souls Are Made Of has been edited, copy-edited, proof read and has swanned its…

July 2021

A month post-The Jasmine Throne's release, I have some news!

June 2021

The Jasmine Throne is out today! Unless you’re in the UK, in which case it’s out on Thursday. But either way, it’s release day somewhere or very close…

May 2021

*walks in late with Starbucks* HELLO. I have some news: The Jasmine Throne is out on June 8th (or June 10th in the UK). Buy links: US | UK …

February 2021

It’s about four months until The Jasmine Throne hits bookshelves on June 8th. Before I get into something I’m really excited to show you (character…

November 2020

mostly bunnies, I'll be honest

August 2020

a slight newsletter change & upcoming books

December 2019

a perfect cup of book & event news from tasha suri