The Jasmine Throne character art (and a pre-order gift)

It’s about four months until The Jasmine Throne hits bookshelves on June 8th. Before I get into something I’m really excited to show you (character!! art!!), I have some events are coming up!

  • I’ll be chatting to C.L. Clark, author of the fantastic novel The Unbroken on March 16th, 7pm GMT. You can sign up here

  • I’m taking part in the Read for Pixels campaign, in support of ending violence against women. I’ll be on YouTube here on the 21st March

I’ve never commissioned art for one of my books before, but this time I was determined to treat myself to something really beautiful. So after some research and creeping through the social media of a lot of artists, I commissioned Kim Ekdahl/Pinktofu Art (rep’d by the Bright Agency) for character art of two of the main characters from The Jasmine Throne: Priya, the maidservant who is secretly a priestess with forbidden magic, and Malini, the vengeful princess.

And here they are:

I absolutely love this art and I hope you do too.

I wanted to thank people who have pre-ordered, and to that end I’m offering to send out art cards to anyone who submits proof of pre-order, as long as stocks last - and unfortunately they are somewhat limited, so do move swiftly.

The art cards, I think, are pretty swish! Here’s a preview for you, that’ll hit Instagram and Twitter later. And apologies, in advance, for my terrible lighting:

To get your pre-order gift, just fill in the form here. Just a little thanks, from me to you, for pre-ordering the book, as pre-orders really do make a huge difference to a book’s sales and support. x