The Jasmine Throne is out TODAY!

The Jasmine Throne is out today! Unless you’re in the UK, in which case it’s out on Thursday. But either way, it’s release day somewhere or very close, and I’m so excited!

I found a copy of The Jasmine Throne ready for shelving at a Waterstones on Gower Street in London and they allowed me to sign a few copies. Also, I got to meet my book in the wild for the first time next to a Dalek - nothing could be better than that.

You can buy The Jasmine Throne at any bookshop, and if you don’t have a local indie bookstore you can probably get yourself a copy from Bookshop!

If you’re UK-based I have a special soft spot for Forbidden Planet (who have signed copies), The Portal Bookshop in York, Gay’s the Word in London, Category Is Books in Glasgow, and Lighthouse Books in Edinburgh. If a bookshop I’ve mentioned doesn’t have The Jasmine Throne, you can always order via UK

Of course, you should order the book from wherever suits you best. I’m grateful for any support you’re able to give!

Finally, I have an event TODAY at 2pm EST or 7pm BST (UK time).

You can register here. It’s worth registering even if you can’t make it, because you can submit questions for me or for Shiromi (the narrator of the audiobook) to answer, and you can watch the event later via playback.

And that’s all! Thank you so much for all your support. This book is so special to me, and I hope it becomes special to you, too.

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